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Behind the Lyrics “Mirrors Tell Lies” By Singer Songwriter Chantelle Bee

"Mirrors Tell Lies" by Chantelle Bee is a heartfelt song that explores the emotions of feeling empty, in pain, and lost. The lyrics delve into the experience of making wrong turns in life and not recognizing oneself in the mirror anymore. It captures the struggle of wanting to escape the hurt and questioning one's identity. The song serves as a reminder that sometimes mirrors can deceive, reflecting a distorted image of who we truly are.

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Random True Stories 

Stutter and miss pronounce words but write like a professional

Throughout my life, I've harbored a deep love for writing – from crafting intricate stories and essays to penning heartfelt poems and lyrical verses. Yet, for the longest time, I kept this passion hidden, locked away in the quiet corners of my heart. Why? Because I doubted myself. I questioned whether my words were worthy, whether they held any weight in a world that seemed to demand perfection.

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Alberta Government's Failures to this family of 6::True Story

This Blog is, titled "Alberta Government's Failures: A Personal Journey in 2022," I aim to share true facts and stories that shed light on how the government of Alberta has let its citizens down. This particular episode recounts a challenging experience I faced during a turbulent separation from my husband.

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Tina Green
9 months ago

you Rock Lady!

Brandy M
9 months ago

I really love you Chantelle Bee. You been through a lot. Can’t wait till the novel is out.

9 months ago

Beautiful heart and face. Wish you were my woman.

9 months ago

Wow just wow 🤩

Richard J
9 months ago

I feel you are remarkable. I feel you have a lot of heart and strength and you will make it places for sure.