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About Chantelle Bee 🐝 

"Experience the emotional depth and genre-bending music of Chantelle Bee, the acclaimed pop singer-songwriter and author. With a new album and novel set to release this year, immerse yourself in her powerful and meaningful storytelling that expresses raw emotions. Discover the unique blend of genres that make up her music and join her passionate fan community today."

More About Chantelle Bee

More About Chantelle Bee


Allow us to introduce you to the multi-talented and beautiful pop singer-songwriter, [Chantelle 🐝]. Her music is a true reflection of her heart and emotions, as she pours her soul into every lyric and melody. Her fans connect with her on a deep level and relate to the raw vulnerability in her music.

Beyond her captivating music, [Chantelle 🐝] is also a talented author. Her debut novel, set for release on July 31, 2023, promises to be a captivating read. Fans who appreciate [Chantelle 🐝]'s writing style are in for a treat!

As if that weren't enough, [Chantelle 🐝] is also preparing to release her highly anticipated album Coming October 20 2023. Her fans are eagerly anticipating the new sounds and meaningful lyrics that she will undoubtedly deliver.

Aside from her music and writing, [Chantelle 🐝] is also a fashion designer and entrepreneur. She is the owner of Droseheavensinc Pro, fondly known as drosepro, which you can visit at Her fashion line showcases her unique creative vision, incorporating bold and vibrant colors reflective of her dynamic personality.

Last but not least, [Chantelle 🐝] is also a devoted mother to five children, ages 15, 14, 13, 10, and 6. She finds balance in her busy schedule by prioritizing her family and ensuring that each one of her children feels loved and supported.

It's clear that [Chantelle 🐝] is a gifted and multi-talented artist, with many exciting projects on the horizon. We can't wait to continue following her journey and supporting her in all of her endeavor. 

more information?

Why tracks were Removed From Stores and YouTube?

We have currently removed "Here I am" Single but on October 20th on the Curiosity Album there will be a remastered version on "Here I am"

The First Album "Bring It on" Has also been Removed because oh a couple reasons.

4 songs were purchased from the album and we lost full rights to publishing the songs.

Also it was the first time ever singing or writing music so there was a lot of mistakes and notes that were driving me crazy that needed fixed. 
so on the new album coming soon "curiosity " 

we will also have "Brong it on" Remade and remastered better then ever before 

also on the album will be "Lullaby, Pray, Why Fight, Knocking at my door, and mirrors tell lies "

Also removed was Ego Bent and you should be running these two songs will not be on the album and will not be returning. Sorry if this makes anyone upset if you would like one of these songs I have no problem sending you the mp3 of both "Ego Bent" and "You should be Running" For Free anytime. 
all you need to do is email us at

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