Alberta Government's Failures to this family of 6::True Story

Published on 7 September 2023 at 10:06

This Blog is, titled "Alberta Government's Failures: A Personal Journey in 2022," I aim to share true facts and stories that shed light on how the government of Alberta has let its citizens down. This particular episode recounts a challenging experience I faced during a turbulent separation from my husband.


At the time, we were living in a three-bedroom townhouse with our five children. Determined to provide a better life for my family, I managed to secure a new house with five bedrooms. Wanting to start fresh, I decided to leave behind most of our furniture and purchase everything new. Seeking advice from the townhouse workers, I was instructed to leave unwanted items in the yard rather than disposing of them.


Although I thoroughly cleaned the townhouse, there were a few forgotten dust piles and minor stains from Halloween makeup in one bathroom. However, the house was generally clean and in good condition. Excited about our fresh start, we moved into our new place, furnished with new couches, a TV, desks for the kids, and new clothes to prepare them for school.


To my surprise, the townhouse workers reported our previous residence to social services, claiming the fridge was moldy and dirty, rendering it unsuitable for children. They also complained about the amount of clutter in the yard. I struggled to comprehend how they suddenly discovered mold in the fridge, given that it had just been cleaned, and a repair worker had recently addressed any issues.


The situation worsened when a case worker arrived and expressed concerns about my son's health condition, nephrotic syndrome, a kidney disease that the case worker knew little about. I reassured him that my son had not experienced a relapse since 2014 and was in good health, as we were well-informed about the signs and necessary precautions. However, the case worker disregarded my explanations, insisting that my son had a disability and should not engage in household chores. He even questioned if I wanted my son to die.


In an attempt to defend myself and my son, I accompanied the case worker to the doctor's office. Instead of allowing me to speak about my son's medical history and the steps I had taken to manage his condition, the case worker monopolized the conversation with the doctor for nearly 40 minutes. This invasion of privacy left my son in tears, as the case worker ignored vital information I had to offer. The case worker's inappropriate behavior continued, accusing me of neglecting my son's health.


In a moment of frustration, I expressed my anger towards the case worker, which unfortunately resulted in him threatening to take my children away. Despite having only one concern out of ten initially, within 24 hours, he escalated the situation to the point of removing my kids from my custody. He falsely claimed that the townhouse was cluttered and unsafe, and even accused my estranged husband of drug involvement, despite our separation and no evidence to support such claims. He further insinuated that I must be involved in drugs due to my ability to afford rent and damages on my own.


Unable to fight back effectively, I reached out to see my children, but I was considered confrontational and was denied access for a month. When I finally had the opportunity to see my kids, they shared disturbing comments made by the case worker. Despite my efforts to request a new worker or obtain a restraining order, I discovered that case workers are immune to such measures, leaving parents powerless in protecting their children from potential harm.


However, I persevered and fought tirelessly to regain custody of my children. Through extensive research, countless hours spent at the courthouse, and a determination to safeguard my family, I successfully reunited with my kids after two months and seventeen days. The case against us was ultimately closed, and an investigation into the case worker's conduct was initiated.


When it comes to the well-being of our children, I do not compromise. I firmly believe that caseworkers should be held accountable by seeking counseling and undergoing drug testing to ensure they are fit for their challenging roles. Throughout my life, I have encountered caseworkers who abuse substances, raising concerns about their judgment and ability to make decisions regarding the welfare of children.


Join me as we delve deeper into the complexities of the Alberta government's failures and explore the reforms necessary to safeguard the rights and well-being of families across the province. When my podcast starts I will keep you posted. There is much more to know on this story.

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9 months ago

Wow this is so sad I would like to here more on this #government #fail #blog

9 months ago

I hope he got fired that’s horrible I’m sorry you went threw that. ☹️

Addison Summers
7 months ago

You been through so much the truth needs to come out.