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Why Do I “Chantelle Bee” Love Writing?

I, Chantelle Bee, have always had a deep love for writing. It all began in school, where writing was the only class that truly captivated me and allowed me to showcase my talents. Being a blonde, I often played the role of the "dumb" one, struggling with pronunciation and occasionally stumbling over my words. This led to relentless teasing and bullying, which led me to make fun of myself in an attempt to deflect the hurtful comments. But amidst all of this, I realized that on paper, I excelled. Writing became my refuge, the place where I could prove my intelligence and overcome the judgment I faced in person. It took me a long time to recognize my own worth, as I had always doubted myself due to the lack of acknowledgment from others throughout my life. I hid my work, doubting that anyone would value or appreciate it. However, there was one special teacher who always made me feel good enough, and I am grateful for their encouragement. Writing not only allows me to express my deepest emotions and thoughts but also serves as a source of solace when I am stressed or upset, providing a calming effect that helps me navigate those difficult moments in life.

Gasping 4 Air :

Lyrics of a sense of empowerment and revenge

preformed and written by Chantelle Belanger Sam "Artist name Chantelle Bee"

Producer : AnnoDominiNation

Release Date January 24 2024

3 mins ©Droseheavensinc ™️ Published by Tunecore

independent Singer Songwriter 🇨🇦  

Gasping 4 Air Lyrics
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This song is about someone who has been pushed to their limit and is feeling intense anger towards someone who has wronged them. The lyrics talk about transforming into a woman who is capable of making the person pay for their actions and causing them to feel like they are gasping for air. It conveys a sense of empowerment and revenge in response to feeling mistreated.

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Wicked Grin : Lyrics of independence and self-reliance

Wicked Grin Lyrics
Word – 7.2 KB 38 downloads

About This Track

The song "Wicked Grin" appears to be about empowerment and taking control of one's own life after experiencing pain and heartbreak. The lyrics talk about embracing a darker side of oneself, symbolized by the "wicked grin," in order to protect oneself from further hurt. The singer talks about being their own enemy and embracing the villain within, as a way of reclaiming power and strength in the face of adversity. The song emphasizes independence and self-reliance, stating that the singer doesn't need anyone else to validate them or dictate their actions. Overall, the theme of the song seems to be about overcoming past struggles and using inner strength to move forward with confidence and resilience.

Producer Roma Beats

Jul 4, 2023 CANADA 3:03 mins

BMI & Tunecore License 

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Newest Single Out Now : Lyrics Of Self Empowerment 

Download full Lyrics 

Fighting My Insecurities
PDF – 26.6 KB 33 downloads

NEWEST SINGLE RELEASED : Fighting My Insecurities 

Mar 11, 2024 Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

Fighting My Insecurities · Chantelle Bee 

℗ 2024 Independent Released on: 2024-03-08 


Produced by AnnoDominiNation

About the Lyrics

The lyrics in the song express a personal struggle with insecurities and fears that are dominating the individual's thoughts and emotions. The singer acknowledges feeling suffocated and overwhelmed by these negative thoughts, but they are determined to fight back and conquer their insecurities. The repetition of phrases like "Suffocated by my Fears" and "Dominated by my Mind" emphasizes the depth of the struggle.

The singer’s determination to push through the darkness and break free from their insecurities is a central theme in the song. The repeated refrain of "I'm gonna fight my insecurities" and "I'll rise above it all" demonstrates a commitment to self-improvement and personal growth.

Overall, the lyrics convey a message of resilience, self-empowerment, and the willingness to confront and overcome inner struggles. The individual is determined to take control of their insecurities and fears, refusing to let them define or limit them. The song is a declaration of strength, courage, and the resolve to overcome obstacles in order to achieve personal growth and inner peace.

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Damn I'm Gorgeous :

empowerment, self-acceptance, and the importance of recognizing and celebrating one's own beauty and worth

Oct 31, 2023Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

Damn I’m Gorgeous · Chantelle Bee

Damn I’m Gorgeous ℗ 2023 Unsigned (Independent) Released on: 2023-11-01

Auto-generated by YouTube.


Damn Im Gorgeous
PDF – 30.0 KB 35 downloads

About The Lyrics

The lyrics in the song "Damn I’m Gorgeous" express self-confidence, self-love, and empowerment. The singer celebrates their physical appearance and inner beauty, proudly asserting their own worth and beauty. The chorus emphasizes the singer's confidence in their own radiance and the ability to command attention and admiration simply by being themselves.

In the verses, the singer talks about embracing their unique features, both physical and personal, as they tell their own story. They show resilience against judgments and criticism, choosing to prioritize self-love and self-respect. The defiance and assertiveness in the lyrics suggest a refusal to be defined by others' opinions or societal standards of beauty.

The bridge and outro reinforce the message of self-appreciation and encourage others to recognize their own beauty and uniqueness. The singer expresses a desire for others to see and embrace their own worth, encouraging self-acceptance and self-love in a world that too often criticizes and diminishes individuality.

Overall, the lyrics convey a message of empowerment, self-acceptance, and the importance of recognizing and celebrating one's own beauty and worth, while also encouraging others to do the same. The song celebrates individuality, confidence, and the power of self-love.

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Lost in Sea :

heartbreak and inner turmoil caused by being betrayed by someone close to them.

Lost In Sea
PDF – 32.9 KB 30 downloads

Jan 16, 2024Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Lost in Sea · Chantelle Bee Lost in Sea ℗ 2024 Independent Released on: 2024-01-15 Auto-generated by YouTube.

About the Lyrics

This song seems to be about the pain and betrayal caused by someone the singer trusted blindly. The lyrics express feelings of deep hurt, confusion, and a struggle to forgive and move on from the betrayal. The singer feels lost, drowning in sorrow and misery, and unable to find peace or closure. They long to be set free from the pain and scars left by the betrayal, but they are grappling with the difficulty of letting go and moving on. Overall, the song conveys a sense of heartbreak and inner turmoil caused by being betrayed by someone close to them.


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I was Wrong :

emotional aftermath of realizing the truth about the relationship.

Jan 11, 2024

Provided to YouTube

by TuneCore I Was Wrong · Chantelle Bee I Was Wrong ℗ 2024 Independent Released on: 2024-01-10 Auto-generated by YouTube.

About these Lyrics

This song appears to be about the pain and betrayal that comes from being misled and mistreated by someone the singer believed loved them. The lyrics suggest that the singer thought they had a strong and unbreakable love with this person, only to discover that they were wrong and that their trust was misplaced. The singer expresses feelings of confusion, hurt, and heartache, as they come to terms with the fact that the person they loved did not treat them with the same care and respect. The song explores themes of deception, betrayal, and the disappointment of realizing that someone they trusted was not who they claimed to be. Ultimately, the singer grapples with the pain of being wrong about the person they loved, and the emotional aftermath of realizing the truth about the relationship.

I Was Wrong
PDF – 23.0 KB 35 downloads

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Kiss me Goodnight: emphasizing the importance of cherishing love and memories

Kiss Me Goodnight Lyrics
PDF – 29.6 KB 27 downloads

Dec 31, 2023 

Provided to YouTube by TuneCore Kiss Me Goodnight · Chantelle Bee Kiss Me Goodnight ℗ 2024 Chantelle Bee Released on: 2024-01-01 Auto-generated by YouTube.

about these lyrics

The song "Kiss Me Goodnight" is a heartfelt and poignant reflection on the bittersweet essence of saying farewell to a loved one. The lyrics describe the deep desire for a profound connection and love, as two individuals stand at a crossroad where they are about to part ways. The song conveys the yearning for one last moment of intimacy and emotional connection before saying goodbye, capturing the vulnerability and intensity of emotions experienced during a departure. The singer urges their beloved to kiss them goodnight, intertwine their souls, promise eternal love, and declare their love with all their might before departing from their life. The song beautifully conveys the transient nature of life and relationships, emphasizing the importance of cherishing love and memories in the face of impending separation.

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Places Featuring Hoobeza

Provided to YouTube by TuneCore

Places · Chantelle Bee


℗ 2023 Droseheavensinc

Released on: 2023-10-08

Auto-generated by YouTube.

Oct 11 2023

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