Background information

Full Legal Name(s)Chantelle Lynn Belanger-Sam (Sam was added to her name, after she was Legally Married in 2014. Seperated 2017)


Born: Calgary Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦 (Foothills Hospital)
Raised: Edmonton Alberta Canada 🇨🇦 ( she moved to Edmonton around the Age of 1 year old. Grew up north side around 86 street and 118 avenue and Abottsfield/Belvedere Area) 

kids: She has 3 teen boys ages 16, 15 and 14

and 2 daughters ages 10 and 7


Cree • French and Ukrainian 



  • Singer Songwriter (Since 2021)
  • Fashion Designer (Diploma:Since 2022)
  • Owner of Online Shop "Droseheavensinc™️" (Licensed:Since 2021)

Chantelle Belanger-Sam (born December 20th, 1986), known professionally as Chantelle Bee, she is a Canadian singer songwriter from Edmonton Ab, Canada. Went to many Schools Parkdale School for elementary years (now shut down) Eastwood school for Grade 7 (also shut down) Spruce Ave school for grade 8 and part of 9 (her kids now go to this school) outreach programs in between those schools Strathscona High school for grade 10 (dropped out)

later in her life went back to complete her school at Norquest College to than go into Fashion Design At Vcad 🏫 

all schools located in Edmonton Ab Canada and Calgary Alberta 🍁