"The Power of Perception: My Journey of Being Treated Differently Based on Appearance"

Published on 12 September 2023 at 12:33

Title: "The Power of Perception: My Journey of Being Treated Differently Based on Appearance"


Have you ever felt judged or treated differently just because of the way you dress and portray yourself? It's a disheartening experience that I've encountered numerous times in my life. Many people think they know me, but what most don't realize is that I have a deep love for wigs. My natural hair is unique, with half of my head shaved, and I often wear braided or blonde wigs in various lengths and colors. To complete my look, I always don a bandana, as it feels more like me. But here's the thing: if you think my hair is real, you'd be mistaken.

Wigs have become my source of self-expression and a way to embrace change. They offer me the freedom to switch up my appearance without spending hours on my hair, which I simply don't have the time for. Plus, they're more affordable. Little did I know that these stylistic choices would lead to eye-opening experiences, where the way I dressed affected how people treated me.

A few years ago, I found myself in a situation where my son urgently needed an inhaler refill. Unfortunately, the pharmacy was out of refills, and they insisted that I book a doctor's appointment. On that particular day, I was dressed to the nines in leggings, a nice top, heels, and my long blonde wig. From the outside, I looked like a rich, fancy girl, complete with designer brands and a Gucci purse. But the truth was, I was broke and couldn't afford the inhaler.

I requested to speak to the manager, hoping for some understanding. To my surprise, he greeted me with warmth and generosity. He assured me that anytime my son needed an inhaler, I could come to him, and he would help. He even provided a free inhaler, emphasizing that he would always be there to assist a beautiful woman like me. It seemed like a genuine act of kindness.

However, a couple of months later, we were still facing financial struggles, and my son was running out of his inhaler once again. I went to the doctor, but they couldn't locate his file or the inhaler. Feeling helpless, I decided to seek assistance from the same manager. This time, I was not wearing a wig, and my appearance was different. I had half of my head shaved, was dressed in sweats and a nice top, and carried the same name brand purse. My makeup was flawless, as always.

To my dismay, things took an abrupt turn. As soon as I mentioned that the manager had helped me before, he immediately accused me of lying. I tried to explain the situation, but he refused to listen, dismissing my words without a second thought. Frustration escalated, and my voice grew louder. In response, he called security on me and demanded that I leave the store. It was a stark contrast to the kindness he had shown me previously.

This incident was not an isolated case. I have encountered similar situations where my appearance influenced the way people treated me. It's disheartening to realize that in today's world, we have to dress a certain way to be treated with respect and receive fair treatment. The unfortunate truth is that our society is still plagued by biases and stereotypes.

Recently, while preparing for a 90s contest, I was dressed in a youthful ensemble, complete with a braided blue wig. I visited a shop where I had shopped multiple times before, only to be followed closely by the security guard as if I were a criminal. His constant surveillance was both uncomfortable and insulting. I expressed my concerns and left the store, even though I had spent $100 there. It seemed as though he let real criminals roam free while focusing his attention solely on me.

These stories are just a glimpse into the countless experiences I've had, where my appearance dictated how I was treated. It's disheartening to realize that some people are quick to judge and make assumptions based solely on external appearances. But I refuse to let these encounters discourage me. Instead, I hope that by sharing my experiences, we can foster a greater understanding and empathy towards others.

If you have similar stories or would like to share your thoughts, please feel free to message me or leave a comment. Together, let's raise awareness and strive for a society that treats everyone with dignity and respect, regardless of how they choose to express themselves visually.

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