Only a few Rules

Only a few Rules

1. Show respect and support others in the live! (NO RUDE COMMENTS)

2.. Give positive feedback to help them grow. (if they say they don't like it don't take it to heart because not everyone has the same taste in music they might not understand the production and quality it takes) 

3.If you are not online during live show and you won a prize, do not worry, email our website and we will still give you the prize you have up to 30 days to claim prize. 

4.. If you Send music to host please let them know or if you buy Skip the line during show message them in comments to let them know. Sometimes they can get busy and not notice right away. 8. Enjoy and chat to host about whatever you feel keep it clean and have fun. Ask questions and Enjoy yourself.

Why Is Chantelle Bee & Lil Teflon Good Enough to Review Music? 👇

What makes Chantelle Bee good to Review Music 🎶

Furthermore, Chantelle's diverse musical background and passion for various genres make her a well-rounded and open-minded reviewer. Her ability to understand and appreciate a wide range of music styles allows her to provide insightful and unbiased feedback on an artist's tracks.

In addition, Chantelle's experience in writing poems and her upcoming novel showcase her strong writing skills and creativity. This background enables her to effectively communicate her thoughts and opinions about music in a clear and engaging manner.

Overall, Chantelle's combination of formal education, lifelong passion for music, and talent for writing make her a valuable and reliable reviewer for music artists. Her ability to connect with and understand different genres, as well as her strong communication skills, help her provide meaningful feedback that artists can use to improve their craft.

Certificates and Diplomas that Chantelle Bee has

Certificate in: FL Studio for high quality djs and music producers.


Certificate in: Music Theory

Diploma in: Music Theory

Certificate in: Music Theory:Musical Form

Certificate in: Master the Art of Creating a Deadmau5 Style Track

Certificate in: Music Producer Masterclass Making Electronic Music

Certificate in: Music Theory: Melody and Harmony

Certificate in: Music Theory fundamentals for Songwriters

Certificate in: Making Mainstream EDM Track

Certificate in: creating stronger Melodies

More Reasons “Chantelle Bee” is Good at her Job

Growing up with siblings who were singers, Chantelle was always hesitant to showcase her own voice and writing. Despite her reservations, she found herself writing and singing every day. Her sister, who owns a music recording studio, served as a source of inspiration and mentor throughout her life.

Although Chantelle only officially started singing a few years ago, she never anticipated becoming a popular artist so quickly. Initially, she only sang for fun and to showcase her lyrics, but she now embraces her role as an artist and works on improving herself daily by taking courses, singing lessons, and even dance lessons.

Having previously worked as a stand-up comedian, Chantelle enjoys being in the spotlight and continues to strive for growth and development in her music career.

What makes Lil Teflon good to Review Music 🎶

**Meet Lil Teflon, the Brooklyn-based rapper and music critic who will be taking the internet by storm soon, its already takin off with his true raw talent .**

He has been surrounded by the city's vibrant music scene his entire life. As a rapper, he's built a reputation for his raw, honest lyrics and his ability to weave together complex rhyme schemes. But what sets Lil teflon apart from other rappers is his passion for music criticism. He's spent years honing his skills and now wants to share what he has learned with others as a music reviewer which he feels he can also learn more from them as well. studying the art of music criticism and learning from some of the best in the business is his goal.

With his quick wit, sharp insight, and infectious energy, lil teflon brings a unique perspective to his music reviews. He's not afraid to speak his mind, and his no-holds-barred approach has earned him a loyal following among fans and industry insiders alike. Whether he's breaking down the latest chart-toppers or digging deep into the underground scene, lil teflon passion for music shines through in every review.

As a live reviewer on YouTube, he brings his infectious energy to the screen, engaging with his audience in real-time and sharing his expertise with a global audience. With his sharp ear for production and his deep understanding of lyrical depth, he's able to dissect even the most complex tracks and share his thoughts in a clear, concise way.

He connects and works well with Chantelle Bee, Its a perfect match with these two buzzin Hosts.

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1. Recognition and appreciation for their hard work and dedication in creating and hosting live music reviews.

2. Supporting the growth and success of their channel or platform, as tips can help cover production costs and improve the quality of content.

3. Encouraging them to continue creating and sharing their passion for live music with the audience.

4. Showing gratitude for their insightful critiques and helpful recommendations for discovering new music.

5. Building a positive and supportive community around live music reviews, fostering connections and engagement among viewers and fans.