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Lyrics By singer songwriter "Chantelle Bee" 

about "Chantelle Bee":

Chantelle Bee is a gifted singer-songwriter who brings forth a captivating blend of Indie Pop, infused with the influences of Hip-hop, R&B, and various other genres. Her unique and beautiful tone sets her apart, while her relatable lyrics and infectious melodies, all penned by herself, have garnered her a dedicated following. Through her music, Chantelle Bee explores the depths of love, heartbreak, and self-discovery, delivering lyrics that are remarkably profound and heartfelt. Drawing inspiration from her own life experiences as well as those of others around her, her songs truly originate from the depths of her heart and soul. It is intriguing to discover that her journey began with a natural talent for spoken poetry and writing compelling novels and short stories, only to unexpectedly evolve into an unwavering passion for the art of songwriting.

" Lost in Sea " 

track coming ( January 15th 2024 )

Slow Pop Song amazing Beat Produced by:AnnoDominiNation 


I composed this track subsequent to reaching my limit with persistent falsehoods, enduring mental abuse, ill treatment, deceit, and infidelity. This ordeal caused me great pain; however, as I penned the lyrics and melodiously sang them, I found solace and resilience. This creative process has ultimately allowed me to recognize my independence and inner strength, realizing that his presence in my life is unnecessary.

"I penned this heartfelt track, fueled by an overwhelming culmination of enduring ceaseless deception, enduring mental abuse, and enduring ill-treatment, coupled with the painful occurrence of being subjected to deceit and betrayal. The raw emotions experienced served as the catalyst for my lyrical and vocal expressions, instilling within me a newfound strength and empowering me to come to a profound realization — I am resilient, self-reliant, and capable of transcending the clutches of a toxic relationship."


Single Released on all popular platforms January 10,2024 (3mins 35sec)

Clubbing dance Track

producer "Anno Domini Nation" 

about AnnoDominiNation:

Established in 2012, Anno Domini Nation is both a place to download free instrumental beats and buy beats, as well as a community-driven entertainment website providing resources for artists. Anno Domini Nation is part of the Anno Domini Beats music group, a music production and licensing business that distributes instrumentals from a team of international award-winning and multi-platinum selling producers to independent artists, labels, media outlets, brands and spaces worldwide.

Founded in 2004 by London School of Economics alumnus Adrian Boeckeler a.k.a. Anno Domini, Anno Domini Beats helped pioneer the concept of digital instrumental licensing through the internet. From the early-days of a one-man operation, it has since flourished into a growing international team of producers, artists and media professionals, as well as an independent hip hop label, Anno Domini Records, distributing a number of critically-acclaimed free mixtapes and hip hop albums.

The company has garnered many awards and achievements over the years including platinum albums in Germany and France, production of the Great American Song Contest 2006 winning track, finalist tracks in the International Songwriting Competition 2009 and 2010, and a nomination for founder Adrian in the Daily Mail and Institute of Director's Enterprising Young Brits awards 2010.

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